I'm not very good at writing about myself, but here is a brief presentation.

Hello there, welcome!

My name is Alexandre Jardin, no connection with the French author of the same name. I currently hold a position of Senior Back-end Developer. I mainly develop under PHP since 2010, especially with Magento. Even if my preference goes to Symfony.

I’m a strong advocate of continuous integration, refactoring and static code analysis. Blackfire is my favorite tool when I have to work on performance improvements.

I also do a lot of JavaScript sometimes. I’ve used AngularJS intensively for several months in order to build an interactive product page and I also did a few things with Node.js.
On the other hand, I’m definitely not afraid of the operations side: I’ve been using Docker daily since 2014. I even give some courses at the university about it. And in the meantime, I’m working on an infrastructure-as-code project for AWS through Terraform.

No matter the domain, I always try to find the best solution for a problem: a code that works doesn’t mean that the job is finished in my opinion. It’s a really wide subject that can’t be easily summarized. But as an example, here are three questions every developer should ask to himself before pushing a new piece of code.

Lastly but not least, I’m the proud owner of three certifications.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I’m French and I’m living in Limoges. Yep, it’s in France… Don’t worry, I wouldn’t mind if you can’t put this city on a map.

Thanks for reading!